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In a world where news often focuses on the negative, it’s refreshing to come across feature stories that highlight interesting people and places. These stories offer a glimpse into the lives of individuals who are doing remarkable things or showcase places that are unique and captivating.

One such person is Angela Duckworth, a psychologist and researcher who has become a leading expert on the concept of grit. Her research has shown that individuals who possess grit – a combination of passion and perseverance – are more likely to achieve their goals and succeed in life. Her work has garnered attention from educators, coaches, and business leaders who are interested in fostering these traits in their students and employees.

Another fascinating individual is Johan Ernst Nilson, an adventurer and environmentalist who has traveled to all seven continents and completed numerous expeditions, including crossing the Arctic Ocean on foot and kite-skiing across Antarctica. He has also been a vocal advocate for climate change action and has used his expeditions to raise awareness about environmental issues.

When it comes to interesting places, the world is full of them. Take the abandoned city of Pripyat in Ukraine, which was once home to the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. After the 1986 disaster, the city was evacuated and has remained untouched for over 30 years. Today, it stands as a haunting reminder of the dangers of nuclear power and the impact it can have on communities.

Or consider the island of Socotra, located off the coast of Yemen. It’s a place unlike any other, with unique plant and animal species found nowhere else on earth. The landscape is dotted with bizarre-looking trees, such as the dragon’s blood tree and the bottle tree, which add to the island’s otherworldly feel.

Feature stories on interesting people and places serve an important role in journalism. They remind us that there are extraordinary individuals in our midst and incredible places waiting to be explored. They inspire us to think beyond our day-to-day lives and seek out new experiences. So next time you come across a feature story, take a moment to appreciate the richness and diversity of the world we live in.

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